Our history

Lombardi Pasticcieri was founded way back in 1948 with Angelo and Matilde Lombardi. We are in the midst of the post-war period and the population is on the one hand counting the damage and on the other starting the process of rebirth, also passing through the art of pastry making.
The production of sweets is of high quality, the sacrifices are many and the small company makes its way among the people of the town.
Salvatore, one of the sons, is the key to the success of the second generation, which manages to supply sweets throughout the province and beyond, and which accompanies the growth path step by step with long and patient investments both in qualified personnel and in continuous research of raw materials guaranteeing ever-increasing quality to many new customers.

At the beginning of the 1980s Cira and Angela, Salvatore's daughters, inaugurated the third generation of the workforce in the small artisan pastry workshops.

These are the golden years for Italy and the push is such that Lombardi Catering & Banqueting is also born, specializing in the organization of events of all kinds, a project fully embraced by Angela with the support of Cira, who in the meantime discovers her talent artistic and becomes an impeccable decorator.

Professional courses and experience in the company mean that twenty years later the results are extraordinary: more than 150,000 customers satisfied by the elegant and refined events designed by Lombardi Catering & Banqueting, and many others ready to take on the evolutionary challenges of pastry laboratories.

It is already the dawn of the third millennium and the Lombardi family continues to work hard for its customers, who now expect excellent products in every flavour, in every shape and colour...
On 13 March 2008, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company, the production plant and the new sales point of Lombardi Pasticcieri dal 1948 were inaugurated, with an adjoining café, chocolate shop and delicatessen in the heart of the city of Maddaloni, despite the fact that the customers come from every part of Italy and the world.